2024 Schedule

Jan 13,  4-8pm
Corral Bar
Willow River, MN

April 27,  5-9pm
American Legion 
Aurora, MN

May 11, 12-3pm
Pine City, MN


July 20,  3-7pm
Larson's Barn 
McGregor, MN 

Aug. 4, 2-6pm
Pine County Fair
In the Beer Garden
Pine City, MN

Sept 14, 12-7pm
4th Annual Oktoberfest 
Sawyer County Fairground 
Hayward, WI

Sept 15, 1-4pm
MPA Dance
Murzyn Hall 
Columbia Heights, MN

Sept 21, 5-9pm
Star Club
Kettle River, MN

Nov 25,   pm
Tour of Lights
Duluth, MN


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